| Time for Respite
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Time for Respite

This year has been a particularly draining one for me. My boyfriend and I bought the most adorable puppy in December and raising her has been quite the challenge. Not because of her temperament, she is truly amazing. However, within a week of bringing her home, she was throwing up constantly. We took her to the vets, then a specialist, and even they were stumped. We tried numerous different foods (incase of allergies) and all kinds of medication, which has definitely subdued the problem. Our insurance refused to cover all her medical bills, and we had spent most of our savings trying to resolve the mystery condition.


With the help of our lovely vet, and after countless phone calls, our insurance company finally agreed to reimburse us and cover all future expenses.


She’s now off meds, and doing a lot better, but there are still some concerns.


During this time my Australian boyfriend’s visa expired. We expected the renewal process to be much quicker, but it was delayed and this created a lot of additional stress for both of us.


On top of this, work has been a marathon. On top of the major redesign of our biggest project, my baby, the show guide for The Buildings Show (Construct Canada/PM Expo, and now including IIDEX), we took on a new show called Toronto of the Future. The design work for this has become my sole responsibility. The collaterals keep changing and the list continues to grow with no lead time.


It’s the constant designing like a mad woman without the opportunity to think that really wears me out.


Initially I was grateful for the opportunity to work on this show — the design could be more thoughtful and aesthetic, but everything is very disorganized and last minute. Which would be absolutely fine, if I didn’t have 50-some-odd other shows to create for.


Jumping back to the redesign of the show guide, I am really excited about this project. I’ve poured my heart and soul into making it a precious object worth keeping. We scaled down the size drastically, and streamlined the ad opportunities, so they won’t tarnish the integrity of the pertinent sections.


Show Guide Cover: 2014


Show Guide 2014


Show Guide Covers (Double-sided) Mock Up: 2015


Show Guide 2015


Show Guide 2014: Exhibitor Listing


Exhibitor List 2014


Show Guide 2015: Exhibitor Listing


Exhibitor List 2015


Show Guide 2014: Seminar Listing


Seminar Listing 2014


Show Guide 2015: Seminar Listing


Seminar Listing 2015


Show Guide 2015: Key Info Spread


2015 Key Info Spread


I feel badly saying it, because it’s not always the case, however, our target industries produce ads that do their job — garner attention in a very blatant way.


The part I’m most thrilled about is the legend boxes with colour coding. They’re so neat and tidy, compared to the previous method of cramming text in everywhere to indicate new sections and streams.


Back to my previous point — I’m exhausted. I’ve used up all my energy and am in need of a lengthy break. My position is not exactly conducive to long disappearances, so I have two weeks to recharge.


I’ve booked a holiday with my mother, touring around Arizona, Utah and Wyoming. The most important thing to me at this point is seeing things that are totally new to me. And mountains.


I was going to ban myself from any use of technology, but I haven’t been able to address my blog in so long, I would very much like to document and share the journey. Plus I will need something to do in Yellowstone National Park during the evenings to avoid being eaten by wild animals.


Stay tuned to see if: my mother and I kill each other, our car breaks down in the desert, or I get bitten by a rattlesnake!


Also — if anyone has any suggestions for hiking boots that aren’t hideous (or $300), please send them my way!

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