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The hardest part about incorporating your blog into your website is losing all the great content from the old one. There isn’t an easy way to magically import all the content (if you know one, please send it my way!) so unless you do it manually, it becomes history. 


One of my favourite mini projects in the past year has been creating header images for each leg of the roadtrip I took last September. I chose the standout element from each stop and created an image around that theme. The one I had the most fun making was the Portland dancing donuts, which was mostly based on our visit to Voodoo Donuts, but also generally a lot of donut eating on our way there.




One of my favourite trip moments inspired the San Fran header. See the post on that part of the journey on my old blog here. The sun was setting as we arrived in SF, and there were colourful streaks of pink and purple in the sky. As we drove under a bridge there was a guy standing on it holding a heart above his head. It set the tone for our entire stay. We loved it.




Driving from San Francisco to Redwoods National Park was a long blur of massive trees.




I can’t wait to go back and spend more time exploring California. It is truly one of the most beautiful states I’ve seen. You can check out the entire trip in detail here.

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