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Poster Design

The best times at work is when I can sneak off and let my imagination run wild.

We had the opportunity to come up with some branding for a new show called “Toronto of the Future.” Which had been perpetually delayed due to our hectic schedules. The logo my colleague completed had been approved already, so we just needed some secondary graphics. After investigating what was happening with architecture and building in Toronto, I presented 3 concepts — irregular shapes, jigsaw puzzle and layering. I wish I had brought the PDF I presented home so I could include those in this post.

I received an email from my boss on Friday saying she hoped we had time to make progress (I hadn’t) because the big boss was asked to present the new designs at a meeting he had scheduled for Monday. With permission, I ran home (to avoid interruption, which has been happening a lot) and cracked out a few designs. They require some refinement, but it’s a step in the right direction.

As you can see I’ve been kind of fixated on texture and gradients lately.

Happy weekend to you!

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