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I’ve had the opportunity to work on some pretty fun projects lately. It’s important to me to diversify as much as I can, and when the chance to work on these two particular briefs came up, I jumped at the chance. 


There haven’t been many identity or branding projects that have crossed my path, so when I was contacted about working on a logo for a new group within the Ontario Medical Assocation, I was thrilled. Particularly because it would represent industry leaders that wanted to make a difference in the health care system.  


I’m not sure if this happens to every designer, but sometimes when I get so excited about a particular project, I am so overwhelmed with ideas and I put so much pressure on myself to do a brilliant job that I freeze-up and can’t figure out where to start. I power-churned out ideas that I wasn’t overly pleased with (see the insanity below). That seems to be happening lately. 




I delivered a few concepts to the Ontario Medical Association, most of the logos used the same fonts as the OMA’s corporate logo, since they needed to work together as well as on their own. It came down to the final 3:

Concept 1: A Set of Stars




Concept 2: Heart of Gold




Concept 3: A Little Abstract




There was another round of concepts. They decided to go with Heart of Gold since it was a a strong concept from the get-go.


The most recent project I worked on was a treat because I got to illustrate, which is something I had been striving to incorporate into my work this year. I had recently updated my portfolio with some drawings before I was offered this brief to illustrate a bridge that hasn’t been built yet. I had a few renderings to work from, but found it challenging trying to wrap my head around perspectives that I had to conceive from scratch. I had only ever sketched existing objects from angles that I could find images of.


I get quite stressed when a project isn’t well received initially. I wanted to impress the client, but what I had delivered wasn’t quite what she had in mind. I had to constantly remind myself that not every job will go smoothly right off the bat. In hindsight I was running out of steam after a few hectic weeks at my day job coupled with back to back freelance projects. I probably needed a break, but was too enticed by the portfolio rewards to say no. Here’s the first version of the illustration I sent.



After a few rounds of tweaks, I finished the drawing and a couple of options for the e-blast.






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