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Hi! Pleased to Meet You.

I’m Christina Marie Jager, a Toronto-based graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.


I was a shy kid who liked to doodle animals and write poems in colourful crayons. Communication and storytelling have always been a part of my life.


In my teens, I would write and perform my own “Weekend updates” inspired by SNL for my family. In high school I was a “cub” reporter for my local newspaper, which eventually led me to discover editorial design (and graphic design in general) which was a great outlet to unite my writing, photography and artistic skills.

As an introvert in a rather dramatic family, I spent a lot of time observing and analyzing the adults around me. I have developed a curiosity about human behaviour and an innate need to help others, mostly by problem-solving everything (even when not asked).


I grew up in a small artisanal community and have always been drawn to tactile forms of art – making music (guitar, drums), cooking/baking, drawing, screenprinting, and photography. I love the magic of creation, what happens when you can’t predict the outcome. This may partly explain why I’m obsessed with macro photography (details otherwise unnoticeable).


Since I had such a mix of interests, I never felt like I fit in anywhere. I learned to adapt and embrace change. My polarities translate into the styles of my work – an advocate for whitespace and clean, refined layouts, while simultaneously harbouring a penchant for gradients with bold colours, texture, handwritten type, and lots of angles!


I would be delighted to help you with your project, big or small. You can contact me here, or via email at christina@christinamariej.com.